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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Watch your speed in subdivisions

“Slow down — Drive like your kids live here,” reads a sign posted next to the street in the Brentwood neighborhood. A notice such as this shouldn’t be needed, but this one is entirely appropriate. Many children ride their bikes and scooters, or just play in the streets of this area because there are no sidewalks.

Many adults use the same streets for their daily walks, so their safety is also a concern. Hopefully, motorists who travel through residential districts anywhere will honor the reminder mentioned herein.

William H. Bell


Won’t vote for Trump

I make it a point to never vote for a person who lies constantly (more than 20,000 lies in three years), is alleged to be a rapist and sexual predator, keeps his "businesses" afloat by declaring multiple bankruptcies, making it possible to stiff his numerous creditors. If all that trickery and skullduggery fails, Donald Trump also employs an army of attorneys to sue everybody else, nearly 5,000 lawsuits.

I fail to see the logic in voting for a man like that.

Karen Hedwig Backman


Tired of pandemic procedures

I'm done with Covid games. Done. From Chicken Little "journalists" and "reporters" to inflated ego politicians to power tripping law enforcement personnel, I'm done. I'm done with your stupid little mask, I'm done acting like I'll burn at the stake if I touch something or someone, I'm done listening to education employees come up with any and all reasons to not work and still collect a full paycheck, and I'm done with politicians who are doing their darndest to destroy the livelihoods of regular citizens while still collecting their whole paycheck.

People need to collectively stand up and say "enough is enough and we're done with you." Life isn't worth living if all you're doing is surviving. What's the point then? We are way past the "emergency" grace period and there is no reason for us to not have a Constitutional remedy for all these political decrees coming from Queen Ivey. One or two months, maybe, but we're over a half-year into this scam and still acting like we live in a dictatorship.

The framers of the state Constitution never dreamed of the clause being abused the way it has been for such a long period. I'm done playing, and you should be, too.

Nate Travers


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