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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


What Jones doesn’t say

For the past several weeks, I have heard U.S. Sen. Doug Jones’ discourse about Tommy Tuberville at least twice every half hour, every night on both local TV channels. What I have not heard is anything about his accomplishments during his past two years in the Senate, and nothing about what he hopes to accomplish if he is re- elected in November. This is the information I am interested in, and I am sure others are, too.

Mary Gramling


In defense of truth

Due to the Alabama curtain of censorship and suppression, this letter will never be published, but one must endeavor to put out the truth.

In his Sept. 16 letter to the editor, Glen Woodard wrongly attributes "Safety without choice is prison" to Benjamin Franklin.

What Franklin actually said is: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

There are a lot of differences in inferences and meaning. Just for the record. And, in defense of truth.

Karen Hedwig Backman


‘You missed the boat’

I am writing to express my great disappointment in your newspaper. On Friday Sept. 11, the president awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor to Army Sgt. Maj. Thomas Payne for heroic actions in Iraq in 2015 that saved the lives of 75 people.

On Saturday, the Dothan Eagle coverage of the event was on page A6 in the section titled “Briefly” with a small headline of “Soldier Honored” followed by a grand total of six lines of generic description of the event. This so-called “article” buried on page 6 did not even mention the soldier’s name.

What a journalistic travesty! At a time when our country is divided like never before and in need of genuine heroes, you missed an opportunity to highlight one that certainly meets that criteria by any measure. The Eagle certainly has no lack of coverage, some would say “hyping,” for things negative. You would be well served to remember that good news is also news. What better than honoring a true American hero. Sadly you missed the boat.

Everette L. Roper, Jr.

Col., US Army retired


‘See the pattern? Neither do I’

The story "Trump spurns science on climate" should have been on the Opinion Page, since it was the opinion of four liberal writers for the AP.

For comparison, in Obama's first four years, 9,555,302 acres were destroyed by 42 fires greater than 100,000 acres. In his second four years, the total was 39 fires and 7,485,267 acres. During Trump's first term to date, the total is 35 fires and 7,884,500 acres. (Source

See the pattern? No, and neither do I. Not one word do I recall reading about Obama and climate change-induced fires, yet here we are, less than two months away from the presidential election, and Trump is to blame for everything that's wrong in the world, at least according to the AP.

William Brooks


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