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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Football as diversion, balm, amid crisis

George Will, in his Sunday, July 26, column sought to reassure us that our current spate of 2020 crises is no harder to endure than the trials of 1942.

George ended his column, however, with a jab at my beloved alma mater, which was wrestling in 1942 with the same problem under debate at UGA today:

“When a foolhardy regent suggested cancelling the University of Georgia’s football season, Gov. Eugene Talmadge said that before doing that, they would try ‘putting our debutantes to hoeing potatoes.’ The Bulldogs won the national championship.”

Gov. Talmadge quite rightly intuited that in troubled times we need God, each other, and football, the heavenly manna for beleaguered souls. It’s Old Glory at dawn over Fort McHenry. It is balm, diversion, and reassurance that we will survive.

We’re still debating in Georgia whether football will prevail over the virus. Mr. Will, in his sneering reference to the Bulldogs, just gave us a push forward.

Carol Megathlin

Athens, Georgia

‘Protestors’ or ‘rioters?’

Why do news media continue to characterize events and participants in the destruction of our cities as "protests" and "protestors?" Let's be clear about this. The perpetrators are rioters, looters and thugs who are rioting, looting, and injuring others.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led protests that resulted in no injuries to others and no destruction of property. We should be guided by his example instead of those committed by criminals.

God's truth is marching on.

James Adie


Thank God for the free press and US Postal Service

In response to the July 26 letters of Dan Sinas and Larry Brown, Carl Hess is a combat veteran of the war in Viet Nam and serves still with the power of the pen to preserve and protect this country from totalitarianism.

Mr. Brown is right about Nikita Khrushchev, who must be applauding from the grave. Donald Trump is following the Soviet playbook well.

Thank God for the free press and the US Postal Service while we still have them.

Linda Westphal


I'm just funnin', truly

Anyone who knows me also knows of my sideways sense of humor and feeble attempts at levity. Though lately I am receiving looks after I voice such an attempt that seem to convey the message that I am to take a very long walk off a very short pier, forthwith! Then I realized that no one can see my friendly grin as I immerse myself into silliness due to the mask that is strapped so tightly to my face that it resembles a starfish gripping a clam with all appendages attempting to pry it open and get to the juicy morsel that is to be his supper.

So I thought a wink as I closed one of my silly statements would suffice, but soon thought better of it for fear of being misunderstood and getting myself into the gravest of circumstances. As a wink to a married woman with her husband not far off could very well end with my being pile-driven into the pavement.

So then I thought about painting a grin on my mask, but like previously thought it would likely be best not to run around town looking as though Gotham City's Joker had escaped from the local penitentiary and is running around unchecked causing mayhem.

So let's all try to stay lighthearted, and also try to remember that we can all be covidiots.

Frederick Schilling IV‎


Can’t follow guns-and-bullets logic

Guns and bullets seem to be Alabama's answer for solving everything. I find it difficult to follow this logic, particularly in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Guns and bullets, and Trump's magnificent, magical wall, by the way, did not seem to stop our national disgrace of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is there a marksman so good that he (or she) can pot a virus? And, how do walls stop viruses when people refuse to wear masks and keep proper social distance to keep the virus at bay?

I just can't seem to follow the guns-and-bullets logic for solving problems of this sort.

Karen Hedwig Backman


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