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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Trump greatness

History will judge Donald Trump as the greatest president since George Washington, period. Trump defeated ISIS terrorists, cut taxes, blessed Israel, loved children, delivered prosperity to all Americans, built the wall, and above all, praised God. I could list many more accomplishments but I will let the voters decide in November.

I love our country but worry about the future where radical politicians are so plentiful.

Bill DeJournett


Remember the chaos of Democrat-run cities

Bob Hall the history teacher (“Pull up this weed,” Letters to the Editor, Aug. 9) or letter writer Carl Hess reading his school history books probably never read this excerpt from a letter by Gen. Patrick Cleburne written in 1864: “Every man should endeavor to understand the meaning of subjugation before it is too late…It means the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern schoolteachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision…”

Mr. Hall proclaims his Southern family pacifist after the experiences of his ancestor in the Civil War. He should not fret, as I assure him my Southern family has watered the tree of liberty in every generation since protecting his family’s freedoms.

Mr. Hall decries the “Southern” excesses of slavery, Jim Crow, KKK and lynching. I submit these are owned by the Democrats who now want to bring you communism in the guise of “progressive socialism.”

Then, in the style we have all come to expect from Mr. Hess, Mr. Hall the educator goes on to proclaim unfounded accusations and the usual infantile name calling when referring to President Trump. Both use the same disparaging term in their letters for the virus plaguing the world.

President Trump is no poster child for behaving presidential nor is he perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but his heart and efforts are in the right place when it comes to this country and its people. Neither the Democratic Party nor its chosen candidate gives one the sense of genuine honor, decency or leadership. Remember the chaos of Democrat-run cities. Ask yourself if you want that for your children’s future.

Larry Brown

Fort Rucker

Amendment 4 provides an opportunity to clean up the Alabama Constitution.

Since it was written in 1901, the current Alabama Constitution has been amended about 950 times, making it by far the world’s longest constitution. The amendments have also riddled the Constitution with redundancies, creating a maze of words known to befuddle even legal scholars. In addition, Alabama’s Constitution is peppered throughout with language and procedures, e.g., poll taxes, that reflect the racist intent of those who originally wrote it. While much of this language has been declared illegal and voided by 20th century court rulings, it is still in the document and has been pointed to by other states when competing with Alabama for economic growth.

The need for a revision to Alabama’s Constitution has been long recognized and was confirmed by the Legislature in 2019 when it unanimously agreed to give the people of Alabama an opportunity to vote on an amendment for constitutional reform — Amendment 4 on the Nov. 3 ballot. Amendment 4 will allow the non-partisan Legislative Services Agency to propose a draft to clean up and consolidate the document, putting it in a logical structure that is easier for all to understand. The revised document will not make any substantive changes to the Constitution or modify how government functions in Alabama. However, it will remove all duplication, eliminate all now illegal racist language and procedures, and make is far more easily understood by all citizens of the state. After Legislative Services creates a revised document, it will be presented to and reviewed by the Legislature. If is accepted by the Legislature, it will then be presented to the voters in November of 2022 for ratification.

Wayne Flynt, Professor Emeritus, History, Auburn University says that “unfortunately this amendment is not an opportunity to rewrite the Constitution, but it will make decisions and understanding easier. It will allow removal of duplication and words that are no longer legal.”

Amendment 4 is also supported by Cathy Randall, 2018 Yellowhammer Woman of Impact and Director, University of Alabama’s computer-based honors program, who states “Amendment 4 is a non-partisan issue that brings support from many sectors of Alabama: from educators, religious leaders, business leaders and members of all political parties.”

On Nov. 3 vote “Yes” on Amendment 4 so that the work of streamlining and cleaning up the Alabama Constitution can begin.

Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform


Action needed, not policy

The Aug. 9 letter asking to “pull up the weed” is looking for policy to resolve the pandemic crisis. What is needed is the action being taken by the president to resolve shortcomings caused by prior administrations. He took action to provide ventilators, masks, hospital support from the military, vaccine research, priority logistical support to the states, financial relief, etc.

The swamp is being drained, thus the departure of many who were comfortable within the establishment and were not willing to make things happen for the American people. The president listens to the intelligence community but he does not always agree with the traditional responses to the threats. What dictators are he supporting — China, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Russia, North Korea? Do some historical research on the conflicts that we have been involved in since World War II, the number of our youth that have been killed and maimed, the trillions of dollars that we have spent with minimal support from our allies. He is stopping this madness.

Our democratic nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values and reason. Read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and research the history of our country as these documents were the foundation that led our nation from one of slavery to one of equality for all. I married a Southern girl from Dothan and have lived in and been associated with the Wiregrass people for over 50 years. I have found most “Southerners” to be far from being slaves to racism and xenophobia. I spent 32 years in the Army where I served and fought with Southern men, black and white, who were great soldiers and patriots with a deep love for our country. I respect letter writer Carl Hess’s right of free speech. However, there are many combat veterans in the wiregrass with different views. These combat veterans come from families that did not have a family policy of preventing sons from ever going to war, families who have sacrificed sons to protect the freedom of our nation.

The president is from New York, with many of the traits reflective of a big city kid. Strange he is to you all and me, but he is not a moral coward, dishonest, or willing to accept the death of our citizens. He has taken action to resolve policy issues with abortion, open borders, social secularism, foreign policy, trade, taxes, social welfare, education, the separation of powers, health care, the budget, and the debt.

If the weed is pulled, will Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, Schiff, Nadler, and Cortez fill the leadership void with integrity?

Palmer J. Penny


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