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No such thing as gun-free zone

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The shooting at the mall in Indiana was tragic, to say the least, but it showed that there is no such thing as a gun-free zone. As much as we would like to believe there is such a thing, there is not.

Right here in Dothan, we have the same dilemma. The Wiregrass Commons Mall's policy is that "carrying or displaying weapons of any kind except those carried by authorized law enforcement officers or security personnel in the performance of their duties and by security officials specifically permitted by shopping center management is prohibited."

This policy makes the mall a target-rich environment where some mentally deranged individuals looking to make a name for themselves to set up shop.

On the first of the year, constitutional carry becomes the law in Alabama. But that doesn't help during the Christmas shopping season and the policy of the mall doesn't help those with carrying permits now.

I urge the management of Wiregrass Commons Mall to change its policy. Until then, I and others would rather shop elsewhere.

Robert Kane



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