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“Say it ain’t so, Tim”

“Say it ain’t so, Tim”

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As the reporter remarked to Shoeless Joe Jackson –“Say it ain’t so, Joe” -- I ask myself the same thing, but insert Tim for Joe as I read the article about Tim James considering challenging Gov. Kay Ivey in next year’s governor’s race.

He is against transgender acceptance, the teaching of critical race theory in the schools, yoga in gym classes, and COVID-19 vaccinations. Other than the COVID-19 issue, I must say that the other three are really critical issues facing the State of Alabama, given that critical race theory is not taught in the schools, yoga has recently been legislatively controlled, and non-vaccinated folks have filled our hospitals and funeral homes. Now here’s a candidate who is really well versed on the things he speaks about and right on top of the needs of our state.

I am reminded of a piece that appeared a long while ago by columnist Josh Moon, in the Montgomery Advertiser, when he wrote about the performance, or lack thereof, of our elected officials In Montgomery that was titled something like “Don’t Say We Don’t Deserve This,” where he went on to say we do deserve it because we are the ones who voted for them and put them there. As in our newly elected senator in Washington who didn’t know the three branches of government!

“Say it ain’t so Tim!!!”

David Johnson



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