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Surviving Columbus Day

Surviving Columbus Day

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Surprisingly, we survived another holiday honoring Christopher Columbus. I think Columbus probably wasn’t the first European to discover the Americas but he was the first to open the colonization and conquest of it. With that the Western Hemisphere was definitely transformed in a positive way by introducing better medical, agricultural, and technological advances. The historically illiterate half-wits tell us that Columbus’ achievements should not be acknowledged. Even our current Commander in Crisis became the first U.S. president to declare Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day.

Holidays are established to acknowledge major accomplishments of individuals and groups of people, not celebrate their sins. Heck, even MLK had adulterous affairs and plagiarized his doctoral thesis. Should his accomplishments not be acknowledged because of his sins?

Our leftist friends are always quick to point out that Columbus made a mistake by his landing in Hispaniola because he was trying to find Asia. That’s the point! He opened the Western Hemisphere to conquest and colonization. He navigated the Atlantic Ocean using only the stars and dead reckoning. His critics today couldn’t find the local Walmart without a cell phone, satellite, and a car, yet they pretend to be qualified to criticize Christopher Columbus. People who have haven’t achieved a single thing in their life think their opinion matters. Placed in Columbus’ shoes, they would have been shipwrecked in 45 minutes. Why do these people who live a luxurious, privileged life thanks to the accomplishments of great people think they can now scoff at the same people who provided them with all the opportunities they now enjoy.

They tell us that Columbus and Europeans who followed him should not be honored because they practiced violence, displacement, and assimilation. All people did, at that time, practice the laws of conquest: If you wanted land, you took it. If someone else wanted your land, you defended it. If you couldn’t defend it and didn’t leave, you would pay with your life. These laws of conquest were practiced most violently by indigenous peoples themselves. Men were tortured. Women would be used for sex slaves. Children were murdered or assimilated. All Native Americans practiced slavery, some even cannibalism. The Aztecs and Mayans sacrificed innocent people by cutting out their beating hearts. These are uncomfortable facts. So, you want a holiday for Indigenous People? You can’t name a single accomplishment of Native Americans in philosophy, government, technology, agriculture -- anything. When Columbus landed, the Native Americans were still living in the Stone Age. What exactly was our idiot president honoring?

Jim Faust



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