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The danger to democracy

The danger to democracy

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I read Tommy Tuberville's column in the Wednesday, Feb. 24, edition and was wondering who wrote this for Tommy, as I'm fairly sure he is incapable of writing it. I mean, this man didn't even know the three branches of government, "the House, the Senate and Executive." He thought the U.S. fought to free Europe of socialism during World War II when it was actually Nazi fascism. He said Al Gore was president for 30 days until SCOTUS ruled G.W. Bush won the election. Huh — false. So Tuberville has a B.A. in physical education. No wonder he refused to debate Sessions and Jones.

This points out the problem when voters vote a straight ticket instead of doing research on each person running to determine their competence for the office, no matter if they are Republican, Democratic, or Independent. Remember, the most dangerous thing for a democracy is an uneducated voter.

Luke Douglas


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