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‘This is backwards’

‘This is backwards’

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In his Feb. 24 column, Steve Flowers called U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville an “ideologue” and referred to U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks as “God forbid the ultimate ideologue,” but in Flowers’ estimation, U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby is a “benefactor” for “bringing home the bacon” (to which Flowers adds “to the Heart of Dixie,” as though to confound largesse with Alabama values).

This is backwards. Nothing against Shelby—this is Flowers’ view—but how did we get here? We distrust stable philosophical values (called “integrity” once upon a time) while lauding the virtues of whoever does the best job raiding the federal treasury.

Perhaps our fight should be to keep our treasure home in the first place. Would that we never had to say, “Our senator doesn’t seem to stand for anything, but at least he brings home lots of bacon from Washington.”

Richard Voss


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