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‘Utter stupidity’

‘Utter stupidity’

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In a response to a recent letter by Carl Hess, a distempered rightie tried to argue that a forced pregnancy is the exact same thing as a mandated vaccination.

It has been said by feminist wits that if men could experience the 10-month physical and health-threatening burden of a pregnancy and the pain of giving birth, abortion would be a sacrament celebrated in the patriarchal churches that seek absolute control over the lives and bodies of women.

A pregnancy is a massive intrusion into a woman's life and body. A vaccination is a prick, a day or two of mild reaction, over in a day or two. Prenatal and obstetric care for a pregnant woman is expensive, within the realm of thousands of dollars. Prenatal care, obstetrical care, and a year of follow up care make sure that no complications of pregnancy ensue.

And, there can be a great many and varied medical complications.

A lot of women die in the United States because of the risks of pregnancy. Women die at an even higher rate in the State of Alabama.

To compare a forced pregnancy to a mandated vaccination is utter stupidity.

Karen Hedwig Backman



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