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'We all know better'

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a “clarifying announcement” after huge blowback, saying that they do not plan to ban gas stoves, but that they do want voluntary compliance.

Communities in California and New York have already banned natural gas hookups in new construction, which means no gas stoves, no gas furnaces, and no water heaters.

More than 35 percent of American homes use gas stoves, and natural gas is typically less expensive than electricity. Further, the U.S. has so much that we are a net-exporter of natural gas.

I heard a report a few months ago that there’s enough natural gas under the state of Texas alone to last 1,300 years.

Why does the CPSC want us to replace such a clean, plentiful fuel with a more expensive commodity?

They want us to believe it’s in our best interest, but that’s troublesome and misleading; they’re manufacturing a crisis that will need to be dealt with later. We can only pray that these same hysterical climate alarmists aren’t in charge then.

If they can force everybody to use electric appliances while hoping to totally power our grids with wind and sun, they think they’re saving the world. But again, we all know better than that.

They don’t factor in the fact that wind and solar farms cannot meet the electric needs today or tomorrow, especially if electric cars become more common and most existing gas appliances are replaced with electric ones.

They’re trying to change too much too fast. At least with gas heat you can still cook and stay warm when the power goes out – which it will. Good grief, what a mess they’re trying to make!

When the solar panels are covered with snow and the wind isn’t blowing, the power isn’t there. Virtually everybody knows that. So what’s driving this nonsense?

It should be abundantly obvious that a shift toward electric stoves will further burden power grids that are already maxed out, leading to more “brown-outs” and blackouts. Oh joy!

If that isn’t enough of a problem, it’ll be extremely expensive to switch electric power generation to wind and solar, both of which require an awful lot of land.

Many thousands of acres of valuable agriculture and forest land will be displaced by wind and solar “farms” with only a 20-year lifespan. It’s already happening.

There are government subsidies for building these “green” energy farms, but no subsidies for removing them once they’ve stopped generating power – and they virtually always do.

Taking down a single dead windmill costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Further, windmills and solar arrays are not biodegradable when they go dark, but again, it will be too late for the farmland.

It seems they’re deliberately trying to engineer a lot of catastrophes here, including a food shortage such as we’ve never experienced in this country.

Even if they’re not, they’re pushing things in the wrong direction very rapidly, and consequences are still consequences, even if they’re unintended. But it’s becoming more evident that these consequences are intended and are stacking up to be very ugly.

Richard McCuistian


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