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‘Where is the light?’

‘Where is the light?’

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It is time for truth-loving people to realize what time it is; the lawlessness and lying, cheating, and violence have arrived! Lawlessness equals the perilous times of 2nd Timothy 3. Church leaders, where are you?

Where are the churches of America? Speak up! Where is the salt? You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its flavor, it is good for nothing but to be thrown out. You are the light of the world; where is the light?

The Christian churches of the United States of America are weak and ineffective because they refuse to speak on the issues of the day. They are silent! Where is the thunder? Where is the spirit of the past that made America great and a great place to live?

America is in a place of confusion right now. Stand up for righteousness, not to condemn but to correct and stand up for what is right.

Speak up, write articles, get on radio or television, shine gospel light on corruption and call it out. It is time for the Christian churches to speak loudly and clearly by any means available to them. The lawlessness of lying, stealing, cheating, and violence needs a pure light to expose where these things are leading our nation. Churches must band together and move outside of church walls and stand up for righteousness. Church leaders must lead the way. It does not matter what denomination; all should stand for peace, righteousness, just and freedom to live and worship within the framework of law and justice. Speak up, turn on the gospel light, band together, and speak with one united voice.

The time of denominational division is over. It’s about standing together; it’s about the nation; it’s about the flag; it’s about freedom.

Without gospel enlightenment, America becomes just like other dictatorial nations. American churches must find ways of entering the national conversation.

Bill Murrin



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