Once again, we read a letter from Carl Hess full of half-truths and innuendoes (July 28).

While it is true that Gens. MacArthur and Singlaub were relieved of command because of their stance about North Korea, it was because both men extolled loudly about the dangers of an unrestricted and nuclear-capable North Korea. The reason they were relieved is because they went against the policies of Presidents Truman and Carter that were basically ones of appeasement, hoping that if we didn’t talk bad about them, they would change their ways.

Mr. Hess conveniently forgot to mention that it was under Democratic presidents. This is much of the same reasons that President Clinton, another Democrat, gave North Korea millions of dollars and lifting of sanctions to attempt to appease them. Surprise -- it still didn’t work.

Finally, we get a president in the form of Donald Trump who has the fortitude to stand up to the North Koreans and re-impose sanctions that brings them to the negotiating table. While they still can’t be trusted to keep their word, at least they have scaled back their threats to the world.

A contrast indeed -- lowest un-employment in history, regaining our status throughout the world, high economic growth, having other countries pay their fair share and strengthening our military. This is the type of job all presidents should be doing, working for the American people, not trying to establish a legacy that works to people’s detriment.

Kevin J. Kelly


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