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A few weeks from the Christmas holiday would be a good time for us citizens of lesser means to start preparing for the best Christmas that we …

If ever there was a time we should realize the importance of companionship, friendship and camaraderie, it should be during this period of his…

Each of us, throughout the world, should lift up our voices in unison, no matter what the language, and say “Thank you, God, for allowing us t…

Punch holes can occur after a plane flies through the cloud if the cloud droplets are supercooled, with their temperatures below freezing.

The children and young people of today are able to receive an abundance of knowledge, because of technology that we didn’t have in years gone by.

When we turn on our radio or television sets each day, we can be sure that our major networks will be unified in one way.

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It was recently brought in a conversation I was in that since we have body cams on our police officers, it would also be a good idea to put th…

I cannot tell you the number of times over the past 30 years since my mother passed away I have wanted to ask her a question.

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Living and working spaces have the ability to affect our mental health and productivity levels. Take a few minutes and return items to their proper place each day after every use. If possible, leave the more time-consuming chores for school-free days.

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“The Reincarnationist Papers” offers eerie glimpses into a secret society of people with total memory of their past lives. Protagonist Evan struggles with his confusing abilities; then he meets Poppy, who tells him that he’s immortal. Maikranz’s book is the basis of the film “Infinite,” starring Mark Wahlberg.

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