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African American

There are many different religions and beliefs in our world today, but those of us who believe there is a God and a Heaven for believers, ther…

As we travel through this thing called “life,” we must continuously learn how to make adjustments.

It’s time for some fun and joy! We as a Nation have been under a lot of pressure lately. COVID 19 has raked havoc over us, and still is a seri…

Discipline is not something only children need. Maybe we all could use a little discipline at times.

If we follow the news each day on the radio, television, internet or our cell phones, it could be the reason some of us end up having an unple…

The deep thoughts we carry in our minds are often the result of our early family environment.

Some of us look forward to our next day at work and spending time with our coworkers, because we enjoy our jobs.

Many of us enjoyed hearing compliments from our parents when we were children and many of our actions were to make our parents proud of us.

Becoming a member of the senior citizen section of America’s population will come to each of us, if we have the good fortune of living an aver…

If the words of the columns written by this writer seem to heavily speak about the family, it’s because the importance of family and true frie…

Life is full of ups and downs, yet “life” is the most valuable thing there is in this world.

We were drained by the events that took place in 2020, but little did we know, or want to know, what 2021 would bring.

Some of us spend years of our adulthood blaming our parents or guardians for the character, attitude and personality that we have inherited.

What does it mean to be a Christian, or whatever religion we may claim to be a member of?

As we witness so many major events, good and bad, that have been taking place during this time in history, it’s easy to wonder why we have bee…

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