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There are far too many homes consisting of one-parent families around these days. Too many of our children are living in homes without both parents.

When we leave home each weekday heading for work, we must check our gas meter before we pull off. Surprisingly, the gas we thought would be le…

During the period of time between when we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, strong memories of our childhood and growing up will often …

It’s hard for some of us to take responsibility for some of the situations we find ourselves in.

In the past, many of our children wanted to be just like their parents or siblings when they became adults.

While listening to the news concerning the war in Ukraine, one of the consistent topics was about the misinformation and lies being fed to the…

When we come into this world as a baby, there seems to be a natural feeling of survival and selfishness instilled in us.

When the United States of America was established on July 4th 1776, prayer was an important part of the ceremony.

When we think about the people we love and the things we enjoy the most, we think of what gives us the most comfort, peace of mind and enjoyme…

Seeing the competition between different countries at the Winter Olympics held in China has allowed the world to pause and take a collective b…

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