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Elizabeth Walden is retired now from some three decades in the Army Reserve, having become a reservist after her regular-Army service ended.

A few days ago, we had a couple of boxes fall over in our new room we added as an extra bedroom and as a storage area. Not sure exactly why th…

For many years, I played city league softball. I was an avid player, in that I played a lot of games, every chance I had to be exact.

With all the violent crime now constantly in the news I was reminded of a couple of instances where things could have gone sideways pretty easily.

Last week, when I was leaving to attend a luncheon with some friends, I got delayed because of a wreck. I could see the collision as I pulled …

Over the next few weeks, I will become a great-grandfather. It seems so odd to me that I’ve reached the age in which that could be possible.

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