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Many of us enjoyed hearing compliments from our parents when we were children and many of our actions were to make our parents proud of us.

Becoming a member of the senior citizen section of America’s population will come to each of us, if we have the good fortune of living an aver…

We are living in a country that allows us to make individual decisions; no matter if those decisions are good or bad! Having the freedom to do…

When we hear the word discrimination usually our minds goes directly to African-Americans or people of color. But throughout life we can run i…

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. began to make an impression on millions of people with his non-violent approach to trying to get equal rights …

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We may not know what the future might bring, but I’m sure that many of us are relieved to leave the year 2020 behind us.

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Written about the trio’s feelings of loneliness after touring, the rock groove has a deeper meaning the whole world can now relate to.

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The U.K. has just created a minister for loneliness to deal with what the prime minister has described as “the sad reality of modern life” for many of its residents.

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Longtime friends and empty-nesters Susan Grady and Sharon McAbee would talk on the phone week after week and lament their loneliness.

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