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These ravioli-sized cherry pie bites from @fedbysab are perfect for holiday parties where guests mingle while they eat rather than sit around the table. The only problem is that they might be gone too fast.

The ink is barely dry on the redistricting maps the Alabama Legislature passed last week, and there’s already a challenge filed in the courts.

This s’smores brownie recipe from @_sweetinfusiondesserts is easy enough to make with the help of young kids. The ghost Peeps on top make it perfect for a Halloween party.

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Alabama’s elected officials seem to have forgotten that their primary charge is governing in the interest of the people who elected them. Our …

Listen to your favorite songs or DJ your pool party with this adorable mini Bluetooth speaker and floaty from Target that @gatormom_reviews recommends. 

The Republican Party is at a crossroads, which is either break with former President Trump or continue with his rhetoric and politics. Some prominent former GOP members have proposed a breakaway anti-Trump conservative party. What about the practicalities of this proposal? Would it work in the American political system?

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