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The joys of camping can be tough to appreciate when you’re on cold, rocky ground. But truck bed tents can turn a pickup into a base camp for outdoor adventure, often at a considerably lower cost than rooftop tents. These are the best truck bed tents for 2021.

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Don’t skimp on the clothes and gear, especially as a newbie winter camper. The best way to make winter camping an enjoyable experience is to pack and dress correctly. That includes a good sleeping bag, wool socks, fleece pants, warm base layers, a puffy coat and waterproof or resistant shells. Staying dry is key when snow camping, both for comfort and safety. Bring extra clothes you can wear while hanging out in camp.

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If you live in Dothan and have yet to completely abandon cable television for Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and their ilk, you’ve seen that commercial…

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In response to the Oct. 3 letter “Is your government stealing?”, what government “redistribution of wealth” program is taking money from the b…

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