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Vietnam War

We had several dogs when I was growing up. They were all good dogs and, like you do, I grew attached to each one of them.

I met Pete Barnes the day I moved in across the street from him and his wife Louise. I was standing in the backyard after a long day of moving…

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In February, with the images of the violent insurrection in Washington still fresh in the minds of Americans, newly confirmed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin took the unprecedented step of signing a memo directing commanding officers across the military to institute a one-day stand-down to address extremism within the nation’s armed forces.

Sunday afternoon rides were a staple in our family. I can remember many Sundays after lunch loading up in our old station wagon and heading ou…

I have so many good memories of Thanksgiving. As far back as I can remember Thanksgiving has always been a time of family, friends, and especi…

Many years ago, my friend Rick Hedricks talked me into going duck hunting with him on the Apalachicola River about 10 miles north of Blountstown.

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The thing is that Netflix has so much content (about 4,000 movies and 1,800 TV shows) that some of the best films and series of all time are just sitting there, buried beneath all the new stuff the streaming giant churns out each week. 

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