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We are living in a country that allows us to make individual decisions; no matter if those decisions are good or bad! Having the freedom to do…

When we hear the word discrimination usually our minds goes directly to African-Americans or people of color. But throughout life we can run i…

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. began to make an impression on millions of people with his non-violent approach to trying to get equal rights …

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We may not know what the future might bring, but I’m sure that many of us are relieved to leave the year 2020 behind us.

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Merry Christmas! One of the greatest things about this Christmas is that any sensible adult should understand why they might not be getting a …

One of the best feelings we can have is to know that, when troubles come our way, there is someone or others who are there to stand by us.

While growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and having six boys in the family, the image a lot of us young males wanted to show was a macho one.

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You know the theme. That tenor saxophone is part of pop-culture history. Of course, the score to “The Pink Panther” is much more than just one sound. Mancini’s vision for slick, cool jazz thrives.

Twenty-five years ago, organizers of what would become the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens had a non-profit status and a vision. And after purch…

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