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A few weeks from the Christmas holiday would be a good time for us citizens of lesser means to start preparing for the best Christmas that we …

If ever there was a time we should realize the importance of companionship, friendship and camaraderie, it should be during this period of his…

Each of us, throughout the world, should lift up our voices in unison, no matter what the language, and say “Thank you, God, for allowing us t…

The children and young people of today are able to receive an abundance of knowledge, because of technology that we didn’t have in years gone by.

When we turn on our radio or television sets each day, we can be sure that our major networks will be unified in one way.

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The words of Amanda Gorman sparked hope at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, and now the poet wants to inspire the next generation with her “lyrical prose” picture book, illustrated by Loren Long. The story follows a young girl on a musical journey who discovers she and her friends have the power to make a difference.

The worldwide pandemic that has fallen upon us should teach us many lessons, but one of the crucial lessons, as we have stated before, is how …

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Most of the words in this quirky comedy are in French, even in the credits, but it doesn’t matter because the various jobs are so cleverly visualized as a camera roams around objects in a dingy basement. The cinematographer’s name is written on a camera and the screenwriters’ on a page of a script.

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